how to put in oven racks

Learning how to use your oven correctly is more than half the battle in making perfect baked items. Here are some tips for ensuring your oven is set and heated properly. ... More

how to do alphabetical order google docs

The documents are listed in alphabetical order in any folder in the My Drive, and you aren't given a way to sort them chronologically or by type within a folder. (The Shared with me, Starred, and ... More

how to calculate annual rate of return on a bond

This calculator will compute the present value of a bond, given the bond's annual interest payment, value at maturity, and years to maturity, and the investor's required rate of return. ... More

how to open paypal account without debit or credit card

27/07/2008 · Best Answer: I set up a Pay Pal account without a credit card. I have my account linked to one of my checking accounts. For security and verification reasons, you must confirm your bank account before you can add funds to your PayPal account. ... More

how to make carrot sticks

31/08/2017 · Dip the carrot sticks in the egg and toss them in the breadcrumbs. For the fries, you’ll need 4 large carrots that have been peeled and cut into 3-inch (8-cm) long by ½-inch (13-mm) thick sticks. ... More

how to make korean vegetables

Vegetable stir fry noodles are one of the familiar dishes for breakfast. Also, it provides some nutrients and energy for us to work. In addition, the stir-fry noodles in Korean style with the use of Korean noodles will make the dish tastier. ... More

how to open vdproj in visual studio 2013

The WiX Convertor only converts Visual Studio setup projects and it requires Visual Studio in order to run. You need Visual Studio 2005-2010 to create .vdproj projects. VS 2012-2013 don’t support them. ... More

how to make your desktop look like a mac

Want to make your Windows system look like Mac OS X? The Mavericks Transformation Pack is for you. Search around sites like DeviantART and our Featured Desktop ... More

how to make macarons at home without oven

Now take a baking tray and grease with oil and put butter paper and now make balls of coconut batter and put on this tray with some distance. When all is done then bake it for 30 minutes on medium to low flame. After that Your Without Oven Coconut Macaroons is ready. ... More

how to make a model plane out of cardboard

Taxiing the Cardboard Condor I tried a couple of fast taxis and then checked the model one last time for anything that may have come loose that didn’t shake out during engine break-in or other testing. ... More

how to complete tax return 2017

In terms of section 25 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011, Commissioner for SARS Tom Moyane promulgated Public Notice 547, which sets out the requirements for which persons how to submit income tax returns for 2017 year of assessment. ... More

how to say ornament in french

19/04/2017 The bands are separated into pairs by a braided ornament ation (Fig. 3) [looks like chevrons] a braid in a chevron pattern/ braided in a herringbone pattern?/motif/braided chevron motif. ... More

how to make my tube channel

From his YouTube channel: “I’m just a guy from Sweden who likes to laugh and make other people laugh. Sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros!” Sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my … ... More

how to combine videos to make one video

How to Combine Video Files - Read this article and you'll find joining videos couldn't be easier. Learn more > Merge Multiple Video Files into One - Here's the simplest and fastest way to merge, edit and enhance videos. ... More

how to make a jpeg from a3 to a0

16/07/2016 Tutorial - how to convert A4 size to A0 size that can be easily. LIKE & SHARE this video, so that it will be easier for other convert to find this information. ... More

how to make a man work harder for you

2/11/2012 · He knows how to value you and will work harder to make an impression on you. Floor him with your charm Show off your feminine and charismatic side so that he cannot resist you. ... More

how to make a virtual tour

Making your tour can be a daunting task, here are some tips to help! Displaying and sharing 360° can seem overly complex, but Tour Builder has made it so easy. ... More

how to make a rock tumbler youtube

When I tried to search for a rock tumbler, I used those words and because you don't have "rock" as a keyword, your project doesn't show up on the first page. (It ... More

how to make a net ball pixelmon

Fast Ball: 4× if used on a Pokémon that run from battle or roaming Pokémon (GSC), 4× if used on a Pokémon with a base Speed of at least 100 (HGSS), 1× otherwise Sport Ball: 1.5x Net Ball: 3× if used on a Water-type or Bug-type Pokémon, 1× otherwise ... More

how to make a speaker out of a can

The Ammo Can X (aka “The X”) repurposes a military-issue ammo can and turns it into an incredibly versatile device that can stream music over bluetooth, charge your phone and give you incredible sound when you are out in the wilderness or laying on the beach. We are obsessed with good sound here at AmmoAudio and have taken over a year to make this product perfect with some amazing specs ... More

how to make a moleskine notebook

Their Classic Notebook is a hard-bound version, with a pocket notebook about the same size as the Moleskine pocket notebook. They also have a new Maritime cover design, introduced in 2014. Clairefontaine also offers a vintage 1951 design in seven colors. ... More

how to make a million dollars in 90 days

20/09/2009 · You Can Make a Million Dollars in 90 Days My Dad had been listening to a real estate guru presentation he’d ordered on a CD and he told me that this guy: … owes the banks $25 million dollars on commercial properties he owns, didn’t put in a penny of his own cash and he only works 5 hours a week on his real estate business! ... More

how to view your tax return online

Information on last years AGI or accessing a prior year return. To get a copy of your 2018 tax return that you filed this year, sign back in to your account and either: ... More

harry potter trivial pursuit how to play

Harry Potter fans test their knowledge of the beloved Harry Potter movies with TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter. This quick-play Trivial Pursuit game can … ... More

how to say beautiful in czech

Beautiful Czech women are known all over the world to be one of the most beautiful Anglo women. Czech Republic has all of the modern conveniences as does the western world. It is a very touristy destination spot and comprises of a multitude of people. ... More

how to make ficus grow fast

As such, it contains a lot of the same diva-like traits make ficus growing such a challenge. Photo by Casliber Licensed Under CC BY-SA 3.0 Of course, the pure beauty that the plant has to offer makes caring for the plant worth the grief it can dish. ... More

how to make shaved ice syrup at home

Pour over shaved ice! Kool-Aid comes in such a great selection of flavors: cherry, grape, tropical punch, lemon-lime, and many more. You can quickly make several batches of Kool-Aid snow cone syrup at home. ... More

how to make vanilla flavored milk

Flavored milk contains the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, including calcium and vitamin D nutrients of concern that many kids fail to get enough of, according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. A child having fat-free flavored milk is a much better choice than a child having no milk ... More

how to offer a job over the phone script

Boost your job hunting with these cold calling tips to help you do your research, use a cold calling script, and keep track of cold calls. ... More

how to make a lowri

The former star of the BBC's Housecall and DIY SOS reveals the strange path that led her to become a complementary therapist. ... More

how to read giant power meter digital

Tiny Mighty Power requires access to read your meter on a regular basis. In situations where your meter is located inside a locked building or behind a security gate you may provide Tiny Mighty Power with a copy of your access key. ... More

how to make house of quality

FREE online courses on Quality by DesignHouse of Quality . The house of quality relates customer attributes to technical features to ensure that all design decisions are based on the customer needs. ... More

how to make roast beef in crock pot

The settings for a Crock-Pot include low, high and warm. Using the warm setting reheats the food and keeps it warm until serving time. Using that setting is the best way to reheat a meal such as a roast. ... More

how to make 5 lbs of mashed potatoes

We need to feed 50 so 5 lbs makes 8 cups, makes 16 1/2 cup servings . . . the math doesn’t quite work out for 50–so we need 3 people to make 5 lbs and one person to make a smaller batch of one pound or 3 pounds. ... More

how to make hairstyle like deepika padukone in ram leela

The gorgeous red and gold kanjeevaram saree will be perfect for your pheras. This season go desi with this kanjeevaram saree. You can pair your saree with some traditional jewellery and keep your hairstyle simple like Deepika Padukone. Do desi this wedding season like Deepika Padukone did in ... More

how to write a love letter to my daughter

A Letter to My Daughter as She Judges Herself in the Mirror. Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, MD on March 8, 2017 Written by Leah Campbell . Share on Pinterest. Dear daughter of mine, I ... More

how to make your legs tan

Tan legs help cover up flaws, such as spider veins or dimples. Put on a pair of plastic gloves and spread an even layer of the tanning cream over your legs. Allow the … ... More

how to make levels in happy wheels on ipad

The object of Happy Wheels is to guide your character through an obstacle-filled level to the exit. You only need to reach the exit, not necessarily be healthy or on your vehicle once you are there. The game has various levels to select from with various vehicles. … ... More

how to read product barcodes

If you look at any bar code you can see examples of these four widths. The start of any bar code is "1-1-1." That is, starting at the left you find a one-unit-wide black bar followed by a one-unit-wide white space followed by a one-unit-wide black bar (bar-space-bar). ... More

how to make a no sew cummerbund

2 Responses to "Sewing Tutorial: Easy-Sew Cummerbund Belts" By UsewCute April 14, 2014 - 5:51 pm I will have to do this for a certain hot pink number that has no waistline but is flared and looks like a hoopfrom my neck to my knees!! ... More

how to play rebel yell on acoustic guitar

9/04/2010 · Rebel Yell By Billy Idol Tabbed by Sam King Sounds best to me with bar chords. Rock!!! / [Verse 1] / B Last night a little dancer came dancin to my door / D G E D A Last night a little angel Rock!!! / [Verse 1] / B Last night a little dancer came dancin to my door / … ... More

how to raise your self esteem wikihow

There are several things you can do to raise your self-esteem and self-efficacy that are also highly effective stress relievers. This can work in multiple ways to help you feel more in control of your life and build resilience. It can also help you to enjoy your life more. If you feel that your self-esteem could use a boost, these are the activities to try. See what resonates with you, and ... More

how to pay my bass pro credit card online

First Premier Second Card Application Offer & Status www.mysecondcard.com How To Pay Your Discount Tire Credit Card Bill How To Pay Your Kohls Credit Card ... More

how to make a balloon bunny

How to Make an Origami Balloon Bunny ----- Origami: Balloon Bunny Designed By: MaMa to Asobou: Tanoshii Origami Made By: Philip ----- Hi guys, this is a tutorial on How to Make an Origami Balloon Bunny, it is a fairly easy model to ... More

how to make a tennis ball birthday cake

The birthday cake is often the most memorable part of the party, so make sure it's a good one! You can order a themed cake from a local cake shop or bake your own at home. Cake tins in all shapes and sizes can be found online as well as recipes, decorating ideas and templates. If you want to reduce the mess when it comes to the cake - why not try cake pops? Cake pops are just like lollipops ... More

how to run antivirus on mac

Download FREE AVG antivirus software for Mac. Protection against viruses, malware & spyware. Easy-to-use virus scanning and clean up. Download TODAY. Protection against viruses, malware & spyware. Easy-to-use virus scanning and clean up. ... More

how to make font bigger on iphone 5

Step 5: Touch the Continue button to allow your iPhone to restart. The bold text setting will be enabled once the device restarts. If you find that the text on your iPhone is still difficult to read, then consider increasing the text size as well. ... More

how to make aioli sauce for sweet potato fries

Paprika and garlic baked sweet potato fries with a zesty chili lime aioli dipping sauce. Sweet potato fries are one of my favorite snacks/appetizers/side dishes/lunches/midnight snacks. ... More

how to make low mein noodles

30/07/2017 · For the noodles – use 2 and a half cups of fresh lo mein or 6 ounces dried lo mein (egg noodles) like this one OR this one would be fine. Dried pasta (spaghetti or linguine) would all work here. Just be sure whatever you use, measures out to about 6 ounces when dried or 2 1/2 cups when cooked. ... More

how to get blue toads in mario run

Super Mario Run TOOL RALLY TIPS HOW TO GET 9999 TOADS !!! Best Super Mario Run Road Rally Walkthrough Tips to get yellow, green, purple, and pink toads. Rack your way ... More

how to open usb that might have a virus

USB flash drive usually gets affected by malicious malware when it is connected to virus infected system to transfer files to/from pen drive. Even if the system is free from malicious spyware; USB drive connected to it can get virus infected when user browse and open suspicious sites in internet. USB flash drive when affected by harmful viruses will not get initialized on system. Other times ... More

how to run the correct way

This is a great way to keep fragile pieces from getting scratched or cracked. 8 Check that spinning arms and rotating devices spin freely and that there is nothing obstructing tubes or sprayers before each run. ... More

how to read windows etl files

ETL file is a Windows Event Trace Log. Event Trace Log (ETL) files are binary files containing detailed data captured during call sessions that can be used for … ... More

how to make pulled beef in a slow cooker

Its certainly moved from being a steakhouse menu-filler to a more mainstream dish, however you might be surprised at how easy it is to make wonderful, moist, tangy and spicy pulled beef sandwiches of your own. In fact, all you need is time (and a slow cooker!) ... More

how to make chocolate milk without chocolate syrup

Chocolate milk is one of my absolute favorite drinks, a major indulgence that is usually stopped by the fact that I can’t afford to buy chocolate syrup all that often. Now that I can make it with just chocolate powder I’m in trouble! ... More

how to make a div go invisible but not disappear

9/10/2017 · HOW TO GET AN INVISIBLE ROBLOX HEAD FOR FREE What's up everyone! Today inside of this video I teach you how you can get an invisible roblox head for free. ... More

how to make khichdi for babies

How To Make Khichdi With Pictures Wikihow -> Source Rice Dal Khichdi For Babies Moong -> Source ki daal khichdi recipe in urdu step by easy moong ki daal recipe by zubaida tariq recipes in urdu english simple rice khichdi recipe plain moong dal for babies and. Whats people lookup in this blog: Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe In Urdu; Moong Dal Ki Khichdi Recipe In Urdu; Share this: Click to share ... More

how to make a thermal imaging device

Just behind it is a device called CCD (charged coupler device), which is responsible for recording the pictures and videos. On the back of CCD, there will be red coloured plastic attached. This is the infrared filter and to make the thermal imaging camera you have to remove it gently. Make sure that the CCD is not damaged while removing the infrared filter. ... More

tracy i dont know how to say this deeabetes

... More

how to develop a 5 year plan

How to Develop a Risk Management Plan Developing an effective Risk Management Plan can help keep small issues from developing into emergencies. Different types of Risk Management Plans can deal with calculating the probability of an event, and how that event might impact you, what the risks are with certain ventures and how to mitigate the problems associated with those risks. ... More

how to make coffee icing for eclairs

Delicious éclairs made with choux pastry and filled with a light coffee cream and glazed with espresso icing. For the pastry, combine the milk, butter and salt in a saucepan … ... More

how to get app featured on google play

How can I contact a Google advocate to get my app featured in Google Play? Update Cancel. a d by Jira Software, Atlassian. Jira official site. One tool to track issues & release great software. Try Jira for free. Free Trial at jira.com. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Undo. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. Raj Irukulla, worked at ... More

how to make hard sugar decorations

See my how to flood cookies with royal icing tutorial to learn this decorating technique. 3tsp of water and icing sugar to make royal icing. But it is always try to melt and hard to make roses. Could u please help me? Thanks . Reply. Kaylah July 8, 2017 at 12:42 AM. Yes mine was the same! Seemed perfect after 1 pound So was wondering if I converted to grams incorrectly, as I am in ... More

how to make paper lanterns that float in the sky

Sky Lanterns are made from biodegradable materials; Rice or Mulberry paper, on a Bamboo frame, which means they decompose in the shortest of times. Please adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions laid out before you at all times. ... More

how to prepare crab sticks

Bake for 20-25 minutes till the crab sticks turn golden brown and crispy. Remove from oven and leave to cool completely before storing in airtight jars. Remove from oven and leave to cool completely before storing in airtight jars. ... More

how to put in sandisk in samsung phone

The Galaxy Note 9 supports microSD cards of up to 512GB. This means that with the 512GB internal storage variant you can have up to 1TB of storage in your pocket. It can be a bit of a handful to manually make space on a microSD card with that much storage. That’s where the format option comes in ... More

how to reference using tubanian in open office ppt

Turabian is a close relative of the Chicago Manual The good news is that Turabian formatting is based on the Chicago Manual of Style and does not radically differ from it. As you can see from the footnote below, the citation style is similar to Chicago style, including the italicized title and placement of the publication year at the end of the reference. ... More

how to derive long run atc

In the short-run, Justin has a fixed number of 1 TA-robots. The wage rate of TA’s is $2/hour, and the cost of TA-robots is $20/hour. Derive the following short-run functions: TC, MC, ATC… ... More

how to make a professional league of legends team

Scott Belmont. Within the past two years, the emphasis on coaching and analyzing has increased significantly in League of Legends. Through Season 3, each team had an in ... More

how to make list bottom center

Smart Home How to make shopping lists with Google Home. The new Google Home shopping list takes your list out of Keep and places it in Google Express for easier shopping. ... More

how to play believer on bass

How to play I'm A Believer by The Monkees (Guitar Lesson BS-602) How to play I'm A Believer by The Monkees (Guitar Lesson Beatles Guitar Guitar Songs Guitar Chords Music Songs The Beatles ... More

how to make table in illustrator

Simply follow this video tutorial for an easy way to make an awesome grid for your infographic in Illustrator. 07. Work with linked assets. Create your chart elements in separate documents and place them as linked assets. ... More

how to make pizza from plain dough osrs

Pizza cooking calculator [edit source] Using Pizza base [ edit source ] The table below lists the profit (or loss) made from buying pizza ingredients, putting them together, and cooking the pizza … ... More

how to make minced garlic

6–8 heads garlic, cloves separated, peeled, and minced in a food processor 2 teaspoons salt Process the garlic and the salt to a paste consistency in a food processor. ... More

how to make easter bunny ears

Cutest cookies on the block. Make Easter bunny macaroons. You can also follow the instruction to make cookies with ears. Easter bunny recipe ... More

how to make a better decision

Making a decision is one of the most powerful acts for inspiring confidence in leaders and managers. Yet many bosses are squeamish about it. Some decide not to decide, while others simply ... More

how to make hydraulic press at home

To start, a hydraulic press should not run above 150 degrees. Hydraulic presses in good working condition have no leaks and will get up to pressure quickly. For example, it's a good sign if the press takes 0.5 to 1 second to build to the maximum required pressure. ... More

guild wars 2 how to make a guild bank

Writer Jessica Price, who was fired by ArenaNet last week for arguing with fans of the company’s Guild Wars 2 MMO, said she feels betrayed by how the company "folded like a cheap card table ... More

how to make devil horns

How to type the devil horns. Visit us to come take a look! We think that this is a really superb evil smiley. We strongly recommend it. Share and send it on Yahoo and Facebook. Visit us to come take a look! ... More

how to make fingernails grow faster and stronger

Chicago had a very cold and harsh winter which made my nails very brittle and weak. It was upsetting because generally I can get my natural nails to grow pretty long on their own. While searching ... More

how to make scrambled eggs with liquid eggs

Keep watching the eggs, leaving to cook slowly and gently stirring, folding in the cooked egg with the liquid egg, then when you have mostly solid egg but theres still some liquid left (more than a sauce), remove from the heat and stir, there will be residual heat from the pan to cook through that last egg, leaving scrambled eggs in a sauce. ... More

how to make a strategic plan

31/01/2017 · This video will walk you through the strategic planning process to help you and your team create a strategic plan. If you are creating a strategic plan with … ... More

how to pack glasses in luggage

If you’re packing liquids, a zip-lock bag is a must to protect against any spillages. Paper. This works best for packing wine glasses, mugs, dishes, other glassware, and ceramics. ... More

how to prepare beetroot smoothy

Beets may seem an unlikely smoothie ingredient, but in fact they make delicious smoothies. Their earthy flavor can be masked by fruit, juice or yogurt. ... More

how to make sink quiet

1. Remove all items from the under-sink cabinet. Crimp sheets of newspaper around rubber hoses for a hand-held sink sprayer, dishwasher hose and flexible supply lines for the hot and cold water. ... More

how to say rest in peace in hebrew

The phrase 'Rest in Peace' is generally understood as a wish for eternal peace for the soul of the departed. Found in the form of RIP on tombstones, it comes from a Latin prayer within the Roman Catholic burial liturgy. ... More

how to make a recorder with a straw

MAKING A RECORDER Click here to view some films made in the workshop, showing a personal view of building process.n. There is also a page with some short videos showing some of ... More

how to open pcode file

Is there a way to open a pcode file (.p) in MATLAB? Is there a way to see the source of a pcode file (.p) in. Is there a way to see the source of a pcode file (.p) in. This makes it easy to follow the thread of the conversation, and to see what’s already been said before you post your own reply or … ... More

how to make a minion mask

173 best mask images on pinterest 281 best paper masks felt masks images on pinterest chick mask k templates pinterest frog mask free printable ciekawe pinterest super hero mask free template things to make minion mask set of 6 party favor 176 best printable halloween masks images on pinterest media cache ak0 pinimg originals 6b 6b 0d 176 best ... More

how to make facebook private on app

To set your posts to private from the Instagram app: Tap to go to your profile, then tap . Once you make your posts private, people will have to send you a follow request to see your posts, your followers list or your following list. Follow requests appear in Activity, where you can approve or ignore them. If someone was already following before you set your posts to private and you don't ... More

how to get rid of foot order

The best ways to get rid of foot fungus using home remedies. It can include symptoms such as burning, itching, cracking or peeling. It can include symptoms such as burning, itching, cracking or peeling. ... More

how to make big curls without rollers

How to Create Big Voluminous Curls Without Heat This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Hair Cuttery. I have a confession: I'm addicted to hair-styling heat tools from curling wands, to flat irons, to blow dryers I mean the list goes on. ... More

how to say i think so in japanese

19/10/2011 · I would be inclined to think that ma-ma- is somewhat informal since it is a simple way of saying so so, but what makes it formal/informal would not be the adj itself but the conjugation of the verb or desu after right? ... More

how to make a padawan braid

·Why do you think Via was so angry to learn that Auggie cut off his Padawan braid? ·Do you think Via’s own attitude towards her brother changes throughout the story? 8. Mrs Albans ·Look at the emails between Mr Tushman, Julian’s parents and Jack’s parents in the chapter ‘Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts’. Up to this point in the story we have seen how the children at Auggie’s ... More

how to put music on itunes from laptop

For multiple selections, you can use keyboard shortcuts to select multiple songs. For the PC, hold down the CTRL key and choose your songs. If using a Mac, … ... More

how to make a event page on facebook

24/07/2015 · Facebook has created an app specifically designed for anyone who owns or is an admin of a fan page to manage it straight from any Android and iOS smartphones. ... More

how to make functioning doors in garrys mod

... More

how to make cinnamon toast crunch milk n cereal bars

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is one of our favorite cereals. I even remember how cool it was when I was a kid and they came in bar form for breakfast or snacks on the go. ... More

how to make homemade chocolate chip cookies soft

Its time for another chocolate chip cookie recipe version, this time its all about the cakey factor. In fact this recipe is long past due, the crickets were starting to chirp in this category thats all about my chocolate cookie blitz, but I keep getting distracted by all ... More

how to make a mission statement

Part two of a seven part podcast series with Jason Cunningham CPA about the seven key ingredients of business success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell It Too. ... More

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how to move multiple rows in excel

Multiple rows can be selected by: Move Between Multiple Worksheets . Not only is it possible to move between sheets in a workbook using a keyboard shortcut, but you can also select multiple adjacent sheets with a keyboard shortcut as well. Simply add the Shift key to the key combinations above. To select pages to the left: Ctrl + Shift + PgUp. To select pages to the right: Ctrl + Shift

how to work out holiday pay

To find out how much holiday pay you should be paid when you leave, calculate your leave entitlement, based on how much of your current leave year will have passed by your last working day (your company may set a standard leave year, which you can find out about in your staff handbook, or you may have an individual leave year, which will run from the date you originally started work with your

how to make a job description

5 Critical Components Every Job Description Must Contain By Cathleen Yonahara, Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP, Mark I. Schickman, Freeland Cooper & Foreman, LLP Feb 15, 2012 Job Descriptions In a part one of this article we featured the California Employment Law Letter s take on the importance of a good job description.

how to say 45 in spanish for time

Last spanish question...Tell the time in Spanish: 2:45 Answers.yahoo.com Dos y tres cuartos, 2 and three quaters although it is not used in either language. Maybe what you want know it's how to say in Spanish.....quarter to three, 15 to three.

how to play acdc back in black

AC/DC - Back In Black free music videos from youtube. AC/DC - Back In Black lyrics and free music videos, Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back (i bet you know i'm...) Yes, I'm let loose From the noose That's kept me hanging about

how to put custom themes on psp

Sony PSP, the amazing portable gaming console, supports themes to go with every individual’s taste. If you are looking forward to apply an official theme, you can simply copy it to your PSP

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